Classic Mustang Must Have: Dapper's OE7 Headlight

Having been in the classic Mustang parts business for over 15 years, I’ve become quite astute at picking up public trends in the modified Mustang world. Whereas 10-15 years ago the world was infatuated with brash customizations, the modern mustang owner seeks refinement and tech through subtle modifications that don’t draw from its classic styling.

Parts that can deliver on that desire are often the most sought-after components in the Mustang world. One manufacturer, Dapper Lighting, has seized on this opportunity to introduce a headlight solution that checks all the boxes.

Dubbed the “OE7” (for O.E.M styled glass, 7”), classic Mustang owners now have access to modern lighting features while maintaining the class and originality of a 60’s era headlight. Prior to the OE7, options for a high quality 7” round headlight were scarce. Imported kits from overseas often did not yield the quality and sustainability enthusiasts desired for a headlight. The plastic lenses would cloud early and often, and the bulbs usually failed to deliver on its promise of not only superior lighting, but longevity as well. That’s of course assuming you found a kit you liked because early imported options were seen as garish and immature, like something better suited for a Christmas tree rather than a classic Mustang.

Dapper Lighting has answered the call with a headlight option Mustang fans will be sure to appreciate. Each headlight is carefully hand assembled in the USA using mostly American made components. The OE7 features a glass lens that’s far more resistant to corrosion and fade than their plastic competition. The OE7 glass lens mimics the stylings of an original classic headlight, however the magic is in their LED projectors, which take on the appearance of an H4 bulb. According to Dapper Lighting, their bulbs offer 3X more light than a traditional H4 conversion and 65% less power draw than a traditional sealed beam. Now, I can’t tell you much about those raw numbers, but what I can say is that these are noticeably brighter lights than anything we’ve previously installed into a 64-73 Mustang.

When night cruising with our local Mustang club (Classic Stangz, shout out!) I’m often questioned about my headlights, as the difference between my Dapper OE7’s and their sealed beam halogens becomes all too obvious to ignore.

So if you’re looking for a US manufactured headlight option with incredible lighting that doesn’t sacrifice  quality, or cheapen the look of your classic 64-73 Mustang, the answer is the OE7 by Dapper Lighting, available through Autoworks Parts.


Written by Mustang Mitch 

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