Obsidian SG-1 Build Photos

Upon its debut, the Obsidian SG-1 ‘67 Mustang Fastback has captured the hearts and imaginations of thousands of Mustang Enthusiasts around the globe.  It’s inspired many car builders alike and to this day is one the most widely discussed Resto-Mod Mustangs on the internet. Below you’ll find never-before seen build photos of the Obsidian SG-1. However, it’s important to understand what you are seeing.

The Obsidian Mustang went through several phases of design.

  1. The original Mustang was stripped and its frame gutted in favor of a new frame that allowed it to have a low, aggressive stance without having to use Air Bag suspension.
  2. All interior and exterior designed components were first crafted out of a pliable sculpting foam.
  3. The sculpting foam was finished with body compounds to harden it, and then a “plug” was made.
  4. Fiberglass components were produced from these plugs to be used as the actual parts on the finished vehicle

What you are seeing for the first time is this process. Please note that a lot of the pictures shown below are not finished components, but rather components created to be used so that the plugs can be made, and ultimately turned into the Fiberglass components used on the completed build.

Along with custom metal fabrication and the highest quality components available at the time, this process created one of the most iconic Mustang Resto-Mods we’ve seen to date. Enjoy.