E50 Element Advanced Portable Fire Extinguisher



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E50 Element portable, lightweight Fire Extinguisher

80% Smaller, 5x the discharge time of a traditional extinguisher! Great for automotive electrical and fuel fires!

We recommend fire extinguishers as a necessary piece of safety equipment for any modified or race-class car as unexpected fires can occur. Most fire extinguishers are big, bulky and sometimes heavy. They can be cumbersome, intrusive and throw off the look of your cabin.

The E50 Element extinguishers alleviate all of those issues with their small, leightweight and easy to hide portable extinguishers. These are an outstanding solution to race vehicles looking to save weight and space, or those concerned with safety and desire an extinguisher that they can tuck away neatly until needed. Lightweight, compact, easy to mount or hide, stronger than a standard 5lb extinguisher and costs less too! What more do you need?

•    50 second discharge: More than 4x longer than a 5lb fire bottle
•    Compact and easy to use:
30cm (11.75″) tall, 3.2cm (1.2″) diameter, 230 grams (0.6lbs) weight
•    Makes no mess & leaves no residue
•    Clean and Eco-friendly: No mess, non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly. Extinguishing material is biodegradeable.
•    Zero thrust discharge: Will not spread oil & liquid fires
•    Safe and maintenance free: No moving parts or compressed gas to ever service
•    Weatherproof and unaffected by extreme temperature, humidity, or vibration. Safe to store in wet environments.
•    Element can safely be stored in vehicles that live in hot climates
•    Made in Italy
•    Fights all major fire classes: A,B,C, & K (cooking oils and grease) fires

Fire Class A: Wood/Coal/Trash

Fire Class B: Flammable Liquids/Gases

Fire Class C: Electrical up to 100,000 Volts

Fire Class K: Cooking Oil/Grease


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